"Cathryn has it all ... I can't recommend her coaching highly enough!"

Cathryn has it all: left brain logic, business savvy and systems thinking, mixed with a huge heart, authentic experience around the challenges of balancing life and work, and a brilliant creative side. I am honored to have her on the PIVOT coaching team, as I know without a doubt that any client lucky enough to work with her is in great hands.  Cathryn is a delight to work with, and someone I am grateful to know. I can't recommend her coaching services highly enough! 

Jenny Blake, NYC, USA

Author of PIVOT: The Only Move That Matters is Your Next One

"I would absolutely recommend hiring Cathryn as your coach"

I found great benefits from having Cathryn as my coach. It was really eye opening to see how focusing on me and taking deliberate action presented great results.  The most valuable aspect of coaching was having someone hold me accountable.  Cathryn’s major strengths as my coach were listening to me and challenging me.  I found the recordings very useful because I could listen back to the awesome light bulb moments after the calls.  I'm really happy I decided to do this and would absolutely recommend hiring Cathryn as your coach!

Adam Ford, Calgary, Canada

"Recommendations that ... get right to the heart of what's needed"

Cathryn has the unique ability to pinpoint key issues from a large amount of information. Her recommendations that follow get right to the heart of what's needed. Her expertise is based on many years of business experience that she builds on to provide insightful coaching and support to her clients. I would recommend her.

Mark Ellwood, Toronto, Canada


"If [Cathryn] is taking new clients, you should jump at the opportunity"

I started working with Cathryn as I was preparing to launch my online business. As a newbie solopreneur, I felt isolated and overwhelmed by what I needed to learn in a short space of time, especially when it came to marketing, business strategy and planning skills. I was also struggling to maintain a healthy work/life balance and level of self-esteem.

Cathryn helped me to understand my big picture first, and focus on the important details second. She helped me to get unstuck when I got stuck (which was a lot!) and encouraged me to continually take action. Our sessions were always productive and powerful but where the real work took place was in between sessions; Cathryn would set meaningful goals for me to achieve and provide comprehensive feedback on my work. What was beyond my expectations was the speed with which we accomplished those goals. Be prepared to do the work and you will get results.

What I appreciated most about working with Cathryn was her candor as well as her ability to listen, cut to the real issue, which she would then empower me to tackle head on. Cathryn has helped me to gain a new level of self-awareness by challenging my thinking, behaviours and assumptions and taught me to be kinder to myself. I would highly recommend working with Cathryn; if she is taking new clients, you should jump at the opportunity.

Laura McCaul, Oxford, UK

"My business has never been growing this healthily before "

Cathryn is a powerful and deeply intuitive coach. She hears everything you say - and don't say - and knows exactly how to help you understand what your heart, gut and brain are trying to tell you. 

 I'm an entrepreneur, and in my path I've grappled with questions like "am I supposed to be doing this?" or "how do I make the leap to try something scary and new?" or "can I sell my services in an authentic way?"

 Every step of the way, Cathryn could hear my deeper questions and needs, and encouraged me to find energy, flow, and lightness in the next steps of my path. My business has never been growing this healthily before, and I know Cathryn's guidance is playing a huge role in my focus, commitment, and clarity. 

Lisa Lewis, Washington DC, USA

"The clear direction I needed in my professional life"

Cathryn is a very intuitive, insightful and positive coach.  Our work together has given me the clear direction that I need in my professional life.  My life has been turned upside down due to external circumstances and Cathryn provided some realistic, workable steps for me to accomplish.  Her observations of my personality were refreshing and it gave me insight into why I think the way I do, why I find gratification with particular activities & not others.  I’m very grateful for her coaching and I believe it will lead to my professional fulfillment.  I highly recommend working with her if you are ever stuck in your business or personal life and just need to get some direction/motivation from an understanding coach.

Reg H, Calgary, Canada